Cascade Automotive offers honest and reliable auto repair. Our maintenance services can reduce break downs. There are many different types of fluids in your car or truck. Engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, engine coolant/antifreeze, window washer fluid, transfer case fluid, front & rear differential fluid. Each having different service life. Add to this all the filters getting dirty. Air filter, oil filter, transmission filter, fuel filter, crankcase filter, egr filter, vapor canister filter, cabin filter. MY OH MY! All designed to extend the life of your car or truck. At Cascade Automotive we maintain your car the way it should be.

-Tom H.





Reduced fuel economy can be caused by simple things. Low tire pressure can reduce fuel economy by as much as 6 percent. Unnecessary items in your car add extra weight that burns an extra 2 percent per 100 lbs. Long lines at the drive through or anytime spent waiting in your car with the engine idling uses fuel while traveling zero miles. Added up on an average car could cost you over $150 a year.

The U.S. Department of Transportation reports the leading cause of mechanical break down on our nation's highways is overheating. Having your drive belts, cooling system, hoses, thermostat and engine coolant regularly serviced not only helps to reduce unexpected breakdowns, it also helps extend the life of your car.

"Have you ever noticed...anybody going slower than you is an idiot. And anyone going faster than you is a maniac".

-George Carlin

Spark plugs, timing belts, brake shoes, brake pads, tires, wiper blades all require regular maintenance before they go bad. At Cascade Automotive we know what can go bad. We're here to help keep you running. Give us a call today.







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